Continental International is a multiple award winning company who specializes in O-Rings, Seals, and Custom Molded Rubber products of all kinds. We are ISO 9001:2015 and are centrally located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Presently, most of our products are sourced from Continental’s Certified Asian and European contract manufacturing plants. We have spent over 50 years building the communication necessary to grow our business into successful partnerships with our manufacturing facilities. By continually working with our manufacturing facilities we have become very knowledgeable and experienced with inventory management, logistics, and zero defect qualifications with over 30,000 sq ft and over $3,000,000 of o-rings, seals and rubber components.

At Continental International, we’re ready to apply our world-class capabilities to your rubber molding challenges. As an established supplier, we know the benefits will soon become obvious after discussing your first project.