Continental International is dedicated to understanding your current and future needs, meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations.

Our Quality SEALS The Deal!

Our focus over the years has been and continues to be to provide the highest level of Quality to our customers, which is one reason why we have invested in our new high tech innovations. Our team of internal quality control experts uses a host of tests, including visual and dimensional analysis from raw material all the way to the finished product. Dimensional verification of parts is measured by standard equipment such as comparators, microscopes, gauges, durometer testers and micrometers, or our high-end fully automatic Basler VARIO vision inspection system.

Our equipment at Continental sets us apart from our competition. The FTIR and Basler vision system maximizes the opportunity to combine optimum quality control with output management for the rubber industry. Those manufacturers who strive to meet Certified standards such as TS or ISO require the implementation of quality control systems based on consistent validation data. To perform certified dimensional verified dimensions, Continental International uses the following equipment:

· Micro Vu – Optical Comparator Video Measuring System
· Mitutoyo – Heights, Thickness, Radius, O.D., I.D.
· Optical Comparator – Heights, Thickness, Radius, O.D., I.D., Angles
· Thickness Gage – Measures thickness and all gages verified and traceable to N.I.S.T.
· Type “A” & “M” Durometers – Measures Shore Type “A” Durometer, Rex Type “M” Durometer
· 6″ and 12″ DIGITAL CALIPERS – Thickness, Heights, O.D. & I.D.
· Scales – Weight
· SNAP HOLTEST (BORE GAGE) – I.D.’s (Internal Diameter)
· BASLER VARIO INSPECTION MACHINE – Inside Diameters, Outside Diameters, Cross-Section, Height and Defects
· MICROMETERS – Thickness, Heights, O.D.
· FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) – Compound / Chemical Verification
· Digital Force Gauge – Push and Pull Testing
· Torque Wrench – Measures torque